If you think it’s time Capital & Regional stopped blocking a bright new future for Luton, here’s a chance to have your say.
We quietly launched this petition on Monday, without any fanfare, to see what word of mouth could do to support plans for Newlands Park and Power Court. Already it has reached more people than the 2,000 C&R claimed to have surveyed.

While the owners of The Mall shopping centre have not revealed who they spoke to, or provided any evidence that a survey took place, we’ve chosen a transparent and open platform, because we don’t believe in doing things behind close doors.

Thousands of Lutonians and supporters have already signed the petition, so help us spread the word and urge Capital & Regional to drop their objection to a major regeneration project that would transform the town, boost the local economy by more than £250million a year and create 10,000 new jobs. With responses emailed direct to C&R CEO, Lawrence Hutchings, and Chairman, Hugh Scott-Barrett it is a chance to let them know, politely, why Luton wants and needs the transformation that will come from Luton Town Football Club’s plans for Newlands Park and Power Court.

Let them know we want regeneration, not stagnation. Let them know we want to Save Our Town.

And, most importantly, share this petition far and wide so others can have their say.

Sign the petition now: https://www.change.org/p/capital-regional-stop-blocking-a-bright-new-future-for-luton

Do you want a bright new future for Luton?

Have you told those objecting to a bright new future for Luton to drop their opposition?

Thousands of people have already had their say by signing our Change.org petition.  Don't miss the chance to have yours!

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